Company Name:
Apollo Capital Management Limited 皓衹資本管理有限公司
Registration Number:
Registered on:
Financial Regulator:
Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong
Licensed on:
Licensee appointed
Shen, Chun Yu 沈俊宇
(Chun Yu Shen)
appointed on 2019-11-15
Wan, Hei Yeung 尹希陽
(Hei Yeung Wan)
appointed on 2019-10-08
Choi, Tsan Wan 蔡燦雲
(Tsan Wan Choi)
appointed on 2019-12-30
Li, Xuejiao 李雪皎
(Xuejiao Li)
appointed on 2019-10-08
Tang, Wai Shan 鄧惠珊
(Wai Shan Tang)
appointed on 2020-05-11
Yip, Ming Chun 葉明俊
(Ming Chun Yip)
appointed on 2020-09-16
Liu, Hui 劉慧
(Hui Liu)
appointed on 2020-06-17
Chan, Wing Sum 陳永森
(Wing Sum Chan)
appointed on 2020-06-30
Hong, Sin Kee 項倩姬
(Sin Kee Hong)
appointed on 2020-01-08
Wu, Bei-Jeng 吳佩真
(Bei-Jeng Wu)
appointed on 2020-03-20
Chen, I Ming 陳怡銘
(I Ming Chen)
appointed on 2020-04-06
Hsu, Shih-Huang 許詩凰
(Shih-Huang Hsu)
appointed on 2020-04-06
Chan, Man Hung 陳文洪
(Man Hung Chan)
appointed on 2020-03-24
Shen, Pei Lin 沈佩玲
(Pei Lin Shen)
appointed on 2020-05-11
Lo, Kuei Tzu 羅桂子
(Kuei Tzu Lo)
appointed on 2020-04-17
Liu, Hui 劉慧
(Hui Liu)
ceased on 2020-12-31
Wu, Bei-Jeng 吳佩真
(Bei-Jeng Wu)
ceased on 2020-11-14

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