Company Name:
ExodusPoint Capital Management Hong Kong, Limited
Registration Number:
Registered on:
Financial Regulator:
Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong
Licensed on:
Licensee appointed
Cheung, Anthony Chun Yue 張振宇
(Anthony Chun Yue Cheung)
appointed on 2019-12-12
Dunand-Chatellet, Clement Pierre
(Clement Pierre Dunand-Chatellet)
appointed on 2019-12-12
Liu, Xinyu 劉新禹
(Xinyu Liu)
appointed on 2019-12-12
Liu, Majin 劉馬金
(Majin Liu)
appointed on 2020-07-16
Yeung, Johnison Chun Kit 楊俊傑
(Johnison Chun Kit Yeung)
appointed on 2020-03-17
Zhao, Jinxiang 趙金祥
(Jinxiang Zhao)
appointed on 2020-11-16
Hung, Darwin Man-Tat 熊文鐽
(Darwin Man-Tat Hung)
appointed on 2020-03-16
Li, Wei 李巍
(Wei Li)
appointed on 2020-12-31
Yue, Christopher Tze-Hsien
(Christopher Tze-Hsien Yue)
appointed on 2020-12-14
Verma, Abhishek 王阿幣
(Abhishek Verma)
appointed on 2020-03-13
Methajarunon, Kasidit
(Kasidit Methajarunon)
appointed on 2020-10-19
Lou, Meng
(Meng Lou)
appointed on 2020-11-09
Capace, Max Anthony
(Max Anthony Capace)
appointed on 2020-03-03
Liang, Shiyuan 梁士遠
(Shiyuan Liang)
appointed on 2020-11-02
Bian, Huan 卞歡
(Huan Bian)
appointed on 2020-09-08
Zhang, Jingrui 張景瑞
(Jingrui Zhang)
appointed on 2020-12-22
Sweeney, Kirk Chester
(Kirk Chester Sweeney)
appointed on 2020-04-02
Lee, Shen Yi Ada 李琛怡
(Shen Yi Ada Lee)
appointed on 2020-10-06
Cheung, Anthony Chun Yue 張振宇
(Anthony Chun Yue Cheung)
ceased on 2020-11-03

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