Company Name:
Grande Capital Limited 均富融資有限公司
Registration Number:
Registered on:
Financial Regulator:
Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong
Licensed on:
Licensee appointed
Leung, Kit Ming 梁傑明
(Kit Ming Leung)
appointed on 2018-01-23
Chan, Wan Man 陳蘊文
(Wan Man Chan)
appointed on 2018-01-23
Rong, Yanping 戎烟平
(Yanping Rong)
appointed on 2018-07-12
Chow, Yuet Tsz 周玥孜
(Yuet Tsz Chow)
appointed on 2018-02-13
Lui, Kai 呂佳
(Kai Lui)
appointed on 2018-03-14
Shum, Wing Yip 沈永業
(Wing Yip Shum)
appointed on 2018-04-23
Chan, King Yiu 陳璟堯
(King Yiu Chan)
appointed on 2018-02-12
Chan, Chun Yu 陳俊瑜
(Chun Yu Chan)
appointed on 2018-02-05
Leung, Yiu Fung 梁耀丰
(Yiu Fung Leung)
appointed on 2018-03-07
Chan, Chui Shan Cynthia 陳翠珊
(Chui Shan Cynthia Chan)
appointed on 2018-01-31
Liu, Xiao 劉驍
(Xiao Liu)
appointed on 2018-11-14
Chan, Tin Wa Caesar 陳天華
(Tin Wa Caesar Chan)
appointed on 2019-04-18
Law, Pui Lam Charlotte 羅佩霖
(Pui Lam Charlotte Law)
appointed on 2019-07-23
Leung, Chiu Ni 梁俏妮
(Chiu Ni Leung)
appointed on 2019-02-18
Leung, Yiu Fung 梁耀丰
(Yiu Fung Leung)
ceased on 2019-06-30
Lau, Chun Chung 劉振中
(Chun Chung Lau)
appointed on 2020-11-09
Mak, Suet Man 麥雪雯
(Suet Man Mak)
appointed on 2020-10-14
Leung, Yin Fai 梁燕煇
(Yin Fai Leung)
appointed on 2020-11-24
Wong, Kai Yu 黃啟宇
(Kai Yu Wong)
appointed on 2020-04-29
Lam, Ho Hang 藍浩鏗
(Ho Hang Lam)
appointed on 2020-12-11
Chan, Wan Man 陳蘊文
(Wan Man Chan)
ceased on 2020-09-03
Rong, Yanping 戎烟平
(Yanping Rong)
ceased on 2020-10-31
Liu, Xiao 劉驍
(Xiao Liu)
ceased on 2020-09-01

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