Company Name:
Registration Number:
Registered on:
Financial Regulator:
Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong
Licensee appointed
Fu, Wing Shing 符永盛
(Wing Shing Fu)
appointed on 2003-04-29
Tsang, Chun Wah 曾振華
(Chun Wah Tsang)
appointed on 2003-11-13
Tang, Ming Yuen 鄧鳴遠
(Ming Yuen Tang)
appointed on 2003-04-22
Leung, Kai Yin 梁啟賢
(Kai Yin Leung)
appointed on 2003-07-30
Kwan, Kwok Wah 關國華
(Kwok Wah Kwan)
appointed on 2003-09-03
Cheong, Koi Un 張鉅源
(Koi Un Cheong)
appointed on 2003-07-14
Yeung, Kei Sho 楊基鎖
(Kei Sho Yeung)
appointed on 2003-06-25
Or, Shek Chung 柯錫涌
(Shek Chung Or)
appointed on 2003-11-26
So, Louis Hang Fai 蘇恆輝
(Louis Hang Fai So)
appointed on 2003-09-03
Tin, Yip Wing 田業榮
(Yip Wing Tin)
appointed on 2003-07-23
Chiang, Allan Shek Lun 蔣錫麟
(Allan Shek Lun Chiang)
appointed on 2003-09-30
Ho, Magdalene Mai Ting 何美婷
(Magdalene Mai Ting Ho)
appointed on 2003-11-08
Tai, Chi Hong 戴治康
(Chi Hong Tai)
appointed on 2003-07-14
Hung, Leon Lum 洪霖
(Leon Lum Hung)
appointed on 2003-11-14
Ng, Kai Sui 吳繼萃
(Kai Sui Ng)
appointed on 2003-06-11
Wong, Peggy Mang 黃萌
(Peggy Mang Wong)
appointed on 2003-06-07
So, Suet Ling 蘇雪玲
(Suet Ling So)
appointed on 2003-07-14
Tong, Ka Lin 唐家煉
(Ka Lin Tong)
appointed on 2003-07-14
Lam, Amy Siu Kam 林小琴
(Amy Siu Kam Lam)
appointed on 2003-07-14
Leung, George Tak Wah 梁德華
(George Tak Wah Leung)
appointed on 2003-08-14
Tsui, Chi Hin 徐子軒
(Chi Hin Tsui)
appointed on 2003-09-03
Choi, Chun Wa 蔡振華
(Chun Wa Choi)
appointed on 2003-10-30
Lai, Tek Meng 黎迪明
(Tek Meng Lai)
appointed on 2003-07-23
Mui, Cheuk Kwan 梅卓坤
(Cheuk Kwan Mui)
appointed on 2003-11-04
Kam, Stephen Wing Shu 甘永樹
(Stephen Wing Shu Kam)
appointed on 2003-07-25
Chan, Jennia Pui Man 陳佩敏
(Jennia Pui Man Chan)
appointed on 2003-12-06
Ng, Michael Wai Ming 吳偉明
(Michael Wai Ming Ng)
appointed on 2003-07-11
Cheung, Wilson Yip Wai 張業威
(Wilson Yip Wai Cheung)
appointed on 2003-06-03
Leung, Hon Chio 梁漢超
(Hon Chio Leung)
appointed on 2003-07-14
Chan, Cilla Wai Man 陳慧民
(Cilla Wai Man Chan)
appointed on 2003-11-26
Chan, Wang 陳宏
(Wang Chan)
appointed on 2003-06-20
Lui, Korman Cho Mau 雷祖謀
(Korman Cho Mau Lui)
appointed on 2003-11-10
Lee, Tommy Wong 李旺
(Tommy Wong Lee)
appointed on 2003-08-07
Lam, Chun Shing 林旦略
(Chun Shing Lam)
appointed on 2003-07-23
Fung, Hoi 馮凱
(Hoi Fung)
appointed on 2003-11-04
Wong, Chung Mun 黃仲文
(Chung Mun Wong)
appointed on 2003-09-30
Cheng, Kerwin Shun Kin 鄭順健
(Kerwin Shun Kin Cheng)
appointed on 2003-06-13
Watanabe, Hidetoshi 渡部英俊
(Hidetoshi Watanabe)
appointed on 2003-12-17
Ho, Kar Yee 何嘉儀
(Kar Yee Ho)
appointed on 2003-07-31
Wong, Wai Shan 黃慧珊
(Wai Shan Wong)
appointed on 2003-07-04
Chang Chow, Margaret Kam Wen 張周錦雲
(Margaret Kam Wen Chang Chow)
appointed on 2003-07-25
Kwan, Mee Kuen 關美娟
(Mee Kuen Kwan)
appointed on 2003-12-03
Cheung, Cykill Hei Lung 張喜龍
(Cykill Hei Lung Cheung)
appointed on 2003-07-30
To, Andrew Koon Hung 杜冠雄
(Andrew Koon Hung To)
appointed on 2003-08-14
Kwok, Yin Leung 郭賢良
(Yin Leung Kwok)
appointed on 2003-07-23
Chan, Tung 陳冬
(Tung Chan)
appointed on 2003-12-02
Fung, Wing Hei 馮永熙
(Wing Hei Fung)
ceased on 2003-10-15
Chan, Sao Kuan 陳秀君
(Sao Kuan Chan)
ceased on 2003-10-07
Ho, Wan Kam 何韻琴
(Wan Kam Ho)
ceased on 2003-09-04
Chang Chow, Margaret Kam Wen 張周錦雲
(Margaret Kam Wen Chang Chow)
ceased on 2003-07-25
Fang, Vincent Pei Wei 方培偉
(Vincent Pei Wei Fang)
ceased on 2003-11-17
Ho, Dorian Kam Po 何鑑波
(Dorian Kam Po Ho)
ceased on 2003-05-10
Hou, Ching Chen 侯敬真
(Ching Chen Hou)
ceased on 2003-08-08
Ng, Kai Sui 吳繼萃
(Kai Sui Ng)
ceased on 2003-10-20
Lau, Andy Chi Wah 劉志華
(Andy Chi Wah Lau)
ceased on 2003-10-10
Lam, Amy Siu Kam 林小琴
(Amy Siu Kam Lam)
ceased on 2003-09-08
Lui, Kim Man 雷劍民
(Kim Man Lui)
ceased on 2003-11-01
Lee, Wai Ling 李慧玲
(Wai Ling Lee)
ceased on 2003-11-26
Chan, Hau Yan 陳孝仁
(Hau Yan Chan)
ceased on 2003-10-20
Mak, Wing Fung 麥榮豐
(Wing Fung Mak)
ceased on 2003-06-01
Wong, Chung Mun 黃仲文
(Chung Mun Wong)
ceased on 2003-09-30
Sze, Siu Lan 施小蘭
(Siu Lan Sze)
ceased on 2003-06-28
Cheung, Yat Wing 張日榮
(Yat Wing Cheung)
ceased on 2003-04-18
To, Andrew Koon Hung 杜冠雄
(Andrew Koon Hung To)
ceased on 2003-08-14
Szeto, Benny Kwong Wai 司徒光衛
(Benny Kwong Wai Szeto)
ceased on 2003-09-29
Lin, Ping Hung 練炳洪
(Ping Hung Lin)
ceased on 2003-11-26
Tung, Chi Wai 董志偉
(Chi Wai Tung)
ceased on 2003-05-01
Lai, Ming Leung 黎名亮
(Ming Leung Lai)
ceased on 2003-10-20
Yu, Pui Pui 余珮珮
(Pui Pui Yu)
ceased on 2003-04-26
Fung, Hoi 馮凱
(Hoi Fung)
ceased on 2003-12-22
Wong, Chung Mun 黃仲文
(Chung Mun Wong)
ceased on 2003-12-22
Wong, Chun Wa 王振華
(Chun Wa Wong)
ceased on 2003-12-23
Lam, Kong Wah 林港華
(Kong Wah Lam)
ceased on 2003-10-13
Lau, Ping Yau 劉炳有
(Ping Yau Lau)
ceased on 2003-07-21
Law, Bik Kwan 羅碧君
(Bik Kwan Law)
ceased on 2003-05-17
Tong, Richard Wing Yung 唐榮勇
(Richard Wing Yung Tong)
ceased on 2003-04-29
Leung, Ching Hang 梁靜恒
(Ching Hang Leung)
appointed on 2004-01-05
Cheung, Andy Ka Keung 張家強
(Andy Ka Keung Cheung)
appointed on 2004-09-16
Hong, Sin Kee 項倩姬
(Sin Kee Hong)
appointed on 2004-10-19
Leung, Sharon Shuk Ting 梁淑婷
(Sharon Shuk Ting Leung)
appointed on 2004-07-05
Heung, Sylvanne Sze Wan 香詩韻
(Sylvanne Sze Wan Heung)
appointed on 2004-07-27
Leung, Kwong Hung 梁廣雄
(Kwong Hung Leung)
appointed on 2004-09-02
Chu, Wah Cheung 朱華章
(Wah Cheung Chu)
appointed on 2004-02-03
Ng, Richard Chung Tim 吳松添
(Richard Chung Tim Ng)
appointed on 2004-10-06
Ng, Wing Sum 吳穎芯
(Wing Sum Ng)
appointed on 2004-08-06
Leung, Koon Sing 梁冠星
(Koon Sing Leung)
appointed on 2004-10-02
Lam, Ka Hou 林家豪
(Ka Hou Lam)
appointed on 2004-03-05
Pong, Semee Sum Mei 龐森美
(Semee Sum Mei Pong)
appointed on 2004-05-10
Chui, Derry Tai Sun 徐大新
(Derry Tai Sun Chui)
appointed on 2004-05-24
Lee, Man To 李文韜
(Man To Lee)
appointed on 2004-04-14
Law, Cho Kin 羅祖堅
(Cho Kin Law)
appointed on 2004-06-25
Lee, Kwan Wai 李君蔚
(Kwan Wai Lee)
appointed on 2004-08-11
Li, Kilbert Chi Cheung 李志祥
(Kilbert Chi Cheung Li)
appointed on 2004-02-20
Chan, Bruce Che Hong 陳禩框
(Bruce Che Hong Chan)
appointed on 2004-07-15
Chan, Chun Ming 陳俊明
(Chun Ming Chan)
appointed on 2004-01-20
Wong, Chi Keung 黃志強
(Chi Keung Wong)
appointed on 2004-08-25
Ip, Yau Lung 葉游龍
(Yau Lung Ip)
appointed on 2004-06-10
Chan, Tsz Yuk 陳慈堉
(Tsz Yuk Chan)
appointed on 2004-05-31
Lau, Kathy Ka Fei 劉嘉飛
(Kathy Ka Fei Lau)
appointed on 2004-07-14
Kwok, Kam Wai 郭錦威
(Kam Wai Kwok)
appointed on 2004-04-21
Shum, Sammy Ngan 沈顏
(Sammy Ngan Shum)
appointed on 2004-05-25
Lai, Ming Tak 黎明德
(Ming Tak Lai)
appointed on 2004-05-17
Khau, Manh Ha 許孟夏
(Manh Ha Khau)
appointed on 2004-08-23
Lau, Ping Yau 劉炳有
(Ping Yau Lau)
appointed on 2004-11-18
Chan, Chi Keung 陳志強
(Chi Keung Chan)
appointed on 2004-08-24
Yau, Karman Kar Man 邱嘉雯
(Karman Kar Man Yau)
appointed on 2004-01-10
Shaw, Allan 蕭海洋
(Allan Shaw)
appointed on 2004-04-14
Tam, Wai Keung 譚偉強
(Wai Keung Tam)
appointed on 2004-09-07
Wu, Hong 胡航
(Hong Wu)
appointed on 2004-07-15
Chen, Bomin 陳博民
(Bomin Chen)
appointed on 2004-06-01
Li, Kam Heung 李錦香
(Kam Heung Li)
appointed on 2004-10-05
Kwok, San Ching Oi 郭靜愛
(San Ching Oi Kwok)
appointed on 2004-08-24
Wong, Carmen Kar Man 黃嘉敏
(Carmen Kar Man Wong)
appointed on 2004-03-29
To, Yu Fai 杜宇輝
(Yu Fai To)
appointed on 2004-04-08
Fong, Yuk Kwong 方玉光
(Yuk Kwong Fong)
appointed on 2004-12-31
Cheung, Kei 張旂
(Kei Cheung)
appointed on 2004-09-01
Zhou, Yi 周禕
(Yi Zhou)
appointed on 2004-08-10
Ng, Yiu Man 吳耀文
(Yiu Man Ng)
appointed on 2004-12-16
Zhang, Jian 張堅
(Jian Zhang)
appointed on 2004-05-31
Lin, Victoria Shuk Yi 林淑儀
(Victoria Shuk Yi Lin)
appointed on 2004-05-31
Tsang, Albert Chun Wai 曾振偉
(Albert Chun Wai Tsang)
appointed on 2004-04-30
Cheng, Ka Man 鄭嘉雯
(Ka Man Cheng)
appointed on 2004-12-09
Man, Kin Pong 文建邦
(Kin Pong Man)
appointed on 2004-02-17
Leung, Kidney Chi Wing 梁志榮
(Kidney Chi Wing Leung)
appointed on 2004-04-23
Chow, Ming Wai 周明偉
(Ming Wai Chow)
appointed on 2004-10-05
Ng, Yok Cheong
(Yok Cheong Ng)
appointed on 2004-08-27
Yau, Sai Hung 邱世鴻
(Sai Hung Yau)
appointed on 2004-11-02
Yang, Marcus Kwok Cheung 楊國章
(Marcus Kwok Cheung Yang)
appointed on 2004-08-06
Ma, Kwong Wing 馬光榮
(Kwong Wing Ma)
appointed on 2004-04-02
Lee, Kar Ying 李嘉盈
(Kar Ying Lee)
appointed on 2004-07-14
Chan, Johnny Ka Ho 陳家豪
(Johnny Ka Ho Chan)
appointed on 2004-10-04
Li, Samson Tsz Lung 李子龍
(Samson Tsz Lung Li)
appointed on 2004-04-01
Chau, Lee 周莉
(Lee Chau)
appointed on 2004-03-25
Cheung, Wang Ho 張宏浩
(Wang Ho Cheung)
appointed on 2004-11-04
Chan, Fung 陳峰
(Fung Chan)
appointed on 2004-12-31
Ho, Chi Wai 何志威
(Chi Wai Ho)
appointed on 2004-05-28
Lau, Debby Wai Mei 劉惠媚
(Debby Wai Mei Lau)
appointed on 2004-03-02
Chan, Gary Yat Fung 陳一峰
(Gary Yat Fung Chan)
appointed on 2004-02-23