Company Name:
Nice Talent Asset Management Limited 俊賢資產管理有限公司
Registration Number:
Registered on:
Financial Regulator:
Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong
Licensed on:
Licensee appointed
Chan, Kin Wai 陳健威
(Kin Wai Chan)
appointed on 2018-12-18
Chiu, Man Kit 趙文傑
(Man Kit Chiu)
appointed on 2018-11-01
Liu, Tsz Chung 廖子聰
(Tsz Chung Liu)
appointed on 2018-11-01
Cheung, Hiu Tung 張曉東
(Hiu Tung Cheung)
appointed on 2019-10-09
Chau, Shing Yip Colin 周承嶫
(Shing Yip Colin Chau)
appointed on 2019-01-08
Chan, Kin Wai 陳健威
(Kin Wai Chan)
ceased on 2019-12-31
Lau, Kwai Chun 劉桂珍
(Kwai Chun Lau)
appointed on 2020-05-20
Chan, Siu Kei 陳少基
(Siu Kei Chan)
appointed on 2020-05-06
Chan, Ka Shing 陳嘉誠
(Ka Shing Chan)
appointed on 2020-11-12
Lo, Pui San 盧珮珊
(Pui San Lo)
appointed on 2020-12-29
Miu, Ki Wai 苗祺偉
(Ki Wai Miu)
appointed on 2020-10-19
Kwan, Maria Suk On 關淑安
(Maria Suk On Kwan)
appointed on 2020-01-16
So, Chi Ming 蘇志明
(Chi Ming So)
appointed on 2020-07-28
Chau, Hoi Ting 周凱霆
(Hoi Ting Chau)
appointed on 2020-05-05
Chan, Long Chi 陳朗芝
(Long Chi Chan)
appointed on 2020-11-13
Li, Han 李晗
(Han Li)
appointed on 2020-02-13
Chau, Shing Yip Colin 周承嶫
(Shing Yip Colin Chau)
ceased on 2020-02-14
Li, Han 李晗
(Han Li)
ceased on 2020-06-05

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