Company Name:
Registration Number:
Registered on:
Financial Regulator:
Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong
Licensed on:
Licensee appointed
Kong, Yiu Chung 鄺耀宗
(Yiu Chung Kong)
appointed on 2018-11-01
Wan, David Ngar Yin 溫雅言
(David Ngar Yin Wan)
appointed on 2018-05-17
Chan, Alex Chi Hung 陳志雄
(Alex Chi Hung Chan)
appointed on 2018-05-17
Loong, Fei Wan 龍飛雲
(Fei Wan Loong)
appointed on 2018-05-29
Loong, Fei Wan 龍飛雲
(Fei Wan Loong)
ceased on 2018-10-06
Li, Po Ching 李寶程
(Po Ching Li)
appointed on 2019-07-30
Leung, Chun Wa 梁晉華
(Chun Wa Leung)
appointed on 2019-02-01
Yip, Bun Bun 葉濱濱
(Bun Bun Yip)
appointed on 2019-12-09
Leung, Chun Wa 梁晉華
(Chun Wa Leung)
ceased on 2019-11-27
Chan, Hon Sum 陳漢森
(Hon Sum Chan)
appointed on 2020-02-19
Oei, Rowena Hong Eng 黃鳳英
(Rowena Hong Eng Oei)
appointed on 2020-05-26
Ko, Wing Tong 高永棠
(Wing Tong Ko)
appointed on 2020-10-23
Fok, Kin Man 霍健民
(Kin Man Fok)
appointed on 2020-05-15
Ho, Ka Fai 何家輝
(Ka Fai Ho)
appointed on 2020-06-09
Chan, Ping Hung 陳炳雄
(Ping Hung Chan)
appointed on 2020-06-16
Kwok, Wing Sze Fanny 郭詠思
(Wing Sze Fanny Kwok)
appointed on 2020-11-20
Wong, Kinson Chi Wing 王志榮
(Kinson Chi Wing Wong)
appointed on 2020-10-15
Law, Kevin Kei Heng 羅紀恒
(Kevin Kei Heng Law)
appointed on 2020-08-21
Li, Xinhui 李昕惠
(Xinhui Li)
appointed on 2020-02-19
Sze, Kin 史健
(Kin Sze)
appointed on 2020-06-26
Chan, Wai Fung 陳偉峰
(Wai Fung Chan)
appointed on 2020-07-22
Que, Gerald Bon Tan 郭文壇
(Gerald Bon Tan Que)
appointed on 2020-06-29
Ng, Suet Man 吳雪雯
(Suet Man Ng)
appointed on 2020-09-22
Pau, Matthew 鮑文光
(Matthew Pau)
appointed on 2020-03-10
Yip, Chun Wai 葉振威
(Chun Wai Yip)
appointed on 2020-10-30
Wong, Kam Yui 黃金銳
(Kam Yui Wong)
appointed on 2020-07-14
Chan, Alex Chi Hung 陳志雄
(Alex Chi Hung Chan)
ceased on 2020-04-30
Pau, Matthew 鮑文光
(Matthew Pau)
ceased on 2020-09-09

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