Q: Who operates EmployProof.org?
A: EmployProof.org is operated by Personnel Screening Helpdesk Limited.
Q: What is the purpose of EmployProof.org?
A: EmployProof.org aims to facilitate the process of employment verification, making it easier for both employees and employers. Traditionally, the potential employers conduct verification by checking with the existing/ previous employers, but it does not work in a number of circumstances. Now, verified employees can create a timestamp in the registry maintained by EmployProof.org, and the timestamp can serve as an employment proof to potential employers.
Q: Why current employment might become unverifiable in the future?
A: It happens in the following circumstances:
In a number of jurisdictions, your employer has no legal obligation to answer verification requests;
Your employer might be out of business at some point in the future;
Your employee records might not be properly maintained, especially when companies merge and HR teams undergo changes;
Your employee records date back to some years ago (e.g. more than 7 years), and become inaccessible as per company policies;
Chances are that you are leaving the job on bad terms, and your employer refuses to give any reference;
Verification requests might not answered in a timely manner, e.g. HR can’t be reached, back and forth phone calls, unanswered emails etc. It is not uncommon for some large corporations to divulge information after some weeks.
Q: Why the timestamp can serve as an employment proof?
A: Email authentication ensures that the timestamp is created by an employee who has an active email account with the employer. This is a proof of employee identity. The record time (month and year) is automatically generated on each timestamp. This is an proof of employment at that time.
Q: When shall I create a timestamp at EmployProof.org?
A: Ideally we shall create timestamps at regular intervals, especially:
at the beginning (e.g. first month) of employment
at the end (e.g. last month) of employment
Q: Can someone forge a timestamp?
A: The simple way to spot a fake timestamp is by checking its existence in registry of EmployProof.org.
Q: Can someone create a false record at EmployProof.org?
A: Email authentication is in place, meaning that only the employee who has access to the email address can create a timestamp carrying that particular email address. On the other hand, there is no guarantee on the genuineness of the other information provided (i.e. name, position, employer, employment starting month). Caution is advised when:
There is a mismatch between the individual name, and email address’s username (username@company.com)
There is a mismatch between the employer name and email address’s domain name (username@company.com)
Q: How to verify a timestamp?
A: EmployProof.org maintains an open registry. After creating a timestamp with an email address, potential employers or others can view it by searching the same email address.
EmployProof.org also allows API (Application Programming Interface) access. An authorized user, having the email address in hands, can retrieve the timestamp details through API, and using the data to develop third party applications. Our API features include:
JSON formatted data
RESTful web service
HTTPS authentication
View our full API documentation here.
Q: What is EmployProof.org’s privacy policy?
A: EmployProof.org respects your privacy and the security of your information. We do not share your email address or other personal information to any third parties, unless required by law or with your consent. We do not send any advertising material to your email address.
We take measures to protect your information from loss, misuse, tampering and unauthorized access. For example, we use HTTPS while information is being transmitted. Encryption is used at different levels to ensure database security.
View our full privacy policy here.
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